Judy Lovas

Judy Lovas

Dr Judy Lovas offers unrivalled presentations in Evidence based Relaxation Therapy and Introduction to Psychoneuroimmunology.

Judy clearly translates current research into clinical relevance and shares her passion for PNI, the science of mind body health. Her seminars demonstrate ways to implement relaxation into daily life for anxiety, pain, PTSD, depression, sleep disorders and chronic inflammation.

In tertiary education, Judy teaches psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, relaxation therapy and cellular health.

Judy studied effects of massage therapy on immune function and demonstrated increased T and B cell function. Her PhD examined psychological and immunological outcomes of massage therapy and guided imagery on secondary conditions in people with spinal cord injury. Judy publishes articles and book chapters link.
Sydney born and based, Judy Lovas speaks at conferences and travels Australia to present Evidence based Relaxation Therapy and Introduction to Psychoneuroimmunology seminars, to health and medical professionals. Between presentations, Judy regularly practices the art of relaxation with family and friends!


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